Digital Classes

Digital Class

It indeed is a matter of great pride that ST. PAUL'S SCHOOL in 2011 has introduced a world acclaimed technology integration program for teaching and learning in classrooms. Digital Class is designed to empower teachers with technology right inside classrooms, turning them into lively and vibrant learning platforms for students.
Gone are the days of chalk and talk. Teachers will now be able to use videos, animations, live images, and captivating graphics while teaching subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies and English right inside their classrooms. The program is successfully running in ST. PAUL'S SCHOOL which shall achieve the distinction of being amongst the first few schools in the state of ODISHA to bring in such world class cutting edge digital class  technology right next to the blackboard.
A Digital class knowledge centre is set up at the school that will act as the nerve centre for all digital teaching and learning in classrooms. A vast repository of digital modules prepared by teachers of ST.PAUL'S SCHOOL in subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies and English are available for displaying and teaching in classrooms.. The knowledge centre is connected through campus-wide network to existing classrooms. Classrooms are converted to Technology Enabled Digital Classes fully equipped with wide panel display systems, computers, bluetooth mouse and an embedded multimedia blackboard systems where the teachers can stream in the chosen digital module to use in class as a part of their lesson plans.
The teachers are now be able to use digital resources such as animations, graphics, images and video clippings while teaching the chosen topic in classrooms. For example in a geography class on volcanoes, a video on how it erupts and its features would be shown. In a history class on world war, they will view some actual footage of the war.
Digital class in the school will bring about a revolutionary change in the way students learn in classrooms increasing their interest in learning and academic performance.
We sincerely hope that our endeavour marks a new beginning for children s brighter future.