Fee Payment

Fee Payment for Pre-Primary Classes to Class 12 (AXIS)

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Fee Payment (SBI)

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Kindly note that the School Fees are not increased for the coming academic year 2021-22. This is due to prevalent Covid-19 conditions. The entire fees of previous year are divided into 4 quarters.

QuarterTo be paid on or beforeLKGUKG123456789 With PED/Art9 With Comp10 With PED/Art10 With Comp12 Without Art12 With Art
115 May₹0₹5625₹0₹7025₹7025₹7025₹7275₹7875₹7875₹7875₹7525₹8125₹8450₹9150₹10275₹10525
230 July₹5625₹5625₹7025₹7025₹7025₹7025₹7275₹7875₹7875₹7875₹7525₹8125₹8450₹9150₹10275₹10525
330 Oct₹5625₹5625₹7025₹7025₹7025₹7025₹7275₹7875₹7875₹7875₹7525₹8125₹8450₹9150₹10275₹10525
430 Jan₹5625₹5625₹7025₹7025₹7025₹7025₹7275₹7875₹7875₹7875₹7525₹8125₹8450₹9150₹10275₹10525

Kindly note that the admission fees of new students, registration fees of Class 1, 9 & 11, Council Exam fees of Classes 10 & 12 are not included in the quarterly fees chart. They are separate and are to be paid as per actuals when they are notified. Detailed Assessments (DA) will be conducted for students from Classes 5 to 8.

Discounted School Fees to be paid for the pandemic year (2020 - 2021) mentioned  below

ClassesPreparatory Classes 1 to 4Class 5Classes 6 to 7Class 8Class 9 Class 9 (Comp)Class 10 Class 10 (Comp)Class 11 Class 11 (Art)Class 12 Class 12 (Art)