Fee Structure

Fee Structure for the Year 2019-20


Fee Name


Due Dates

Fee Rules and Regulations

All the school fees must be paid as per dates mentioned in the school calendar.

All fees must be paid online.

Failure to pay the fees as per schedule given in the calendar or fee book will lead to a fine of Rs10/-(Rupees Ten) per month as late fee for every month defaulted. For example, if August fee is paid only in December, Rs. 40/- will be charged as fine for the month of August.

The Annual Fees and Fees for the months of April and May should be paid in April. All dues should be paid before the final examination. Otherwise the student will not be permitted to sit for the Annual Examination. Fees paid duly will not be refunded.

Standard X and XII students have to pay the fees till the month of May (inclusive), for the students have to pay fees as long as their names are on the roll.

Fees will be increased about 15% to 20% every year to meet the increments and hike in salary of staff and other running expenses of the school.

If damage is caused to school property purposely or on account of carelessness, the amount of the damage will be borne by individual student or the whole class as the case may be.