In order that the school may attain high standard that it intends for all the students, co-operation of the parents or guardians is imperative. The best of schools and the best of training are seriously crippled unless the home does its part. Parents are requested to see that their children spend sufficient time daily in studies. All parents are earnestly asked to ensure that the ideas of courtesy and gentlemanliness, which are proposed to the students during school hours, are practiced in their home life. Report cards of the student's progress will be sent to parents and guardians twice a year. The parents are expected to come and get them personally and to show keen interest in the students progress. The school makes following recommendations to Parents/Guardians:


We greatly value our parents and you are most welcome to school to meet Principal or any teacher. However, when you want to meet a teacher come at a time when that teacher is free. It is possible if you make a prior appointment with the teacher through your ward s diary. Space is provided in the diary where you can communicate with the teachers. It is also required that you obtain permission from the Principal before you meet a teacher. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter classrooms.


Diary is the medium of communication between the teachers and the parents.  Please check your son’s diary frequently and countersign if the Principal or a teacher has made a remark.


Assist your son to make a timetable for himself, separate ones for working days and holidays. Space is provided for this purpose in the diary. Once the timetable is made by him in freedom, you should make sure that he sticks with it. “Discipline is the bedrock of character.”


The school strongly disapproves of private tuitions, especially from student’s own subject teachers.  Your cooperation is essential to implement this school directive.


Make sure that your son/ward prepares his lessons and does his home tasks, comes to school regularly, in time and in clean school uniform.  80% attendance is necessary for promotion.   The school strongly disapproves of a student’s absence on important school days (Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, School’s Annual Function, etc.) and days of national importance (26th January, 15th August etc.)


Your son/ward should not bring to the school money or any other valuable articles. The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, clothes, money or other articles.


Parents are required to keep the school informed of any medical problems relating to the child. Do give to the school your up-to-date emergency telephone number (in addition to your home number, may be relatives/neighbours) in case we need to contact you urgently.


Encourage your son to come to school by bicycle.  It helps his physical well-being. A student coming to school in the overcrowded rickshaws and autos is discouraged by the school. Coming to school by bus is much safer. Only Plus-two students are allowed to come to school in a motorized two-wheeler and they should have a valid driving license.


Please do attend the Orientation programmes we conduct for the parents.