Our History


It all began long ago in a small way in the year 1964. Fr. Thomas Morris, SVD, an Irish Priest, who was working in a Parish in Sundergarh District, was entrusted with this new venture at Rourkela. While returning from his home visit in England, in 1963, Fr. Morris met an elderly British lady, Mrs. Ethel Brown by name, a war widow who was his co-traveller in the same ship. He took her under his charge and gave her accommodation at Rourkela. She consented to assist Fr. Morris with the running of this English Medium School. The school began with a strength of about 50, and had Standards 4, 5 and 6 in a tin shed by the side of a small Chapel. These boys were from Carmel School, which was run by the Carmel Sisters in the next compound who wanted to carry on with the girls only.
Fr. Morris had to go personally in his motorcar to collect the students every morning. Every year a lower and a higher class were added and in no time the school had classes from Std. I to X. Armed with funds from the Society of the Divine Word and the building plan from Britain, the construction of the first school was started with full earnestness. Within a few years, the building took shape to accommodate students from Std. I to X. It had office rooms as well as lab facilities.

Fr. Morris had dedicated and loyal friends like Mrs. Brown, Fr. Wollcot, and Mrs. Florrie Alvaraz, to help him in the beginning and to make this school well known. He had on his staff, Mr. Nair, a physical education teacher who trained the students in discipline and fitness; Rodericks and Stevens, two Canadian youth who were on a student exchange programme, to teach English to classes X and Senior Cambridge; Mr. Behera for Biology; Fr. Felix for Physics and Mr. T.S. Tripathy for Mathematics. Mr. Tripathy was a strong pillar and support to the school management for a long time. There was Mr. Varghese too, a clerk in the office, who was extremely efficient in handling all official business.

The first batch of Standard X and the last batch of the Senior Cambridge appeared for the public exams in 1969 winning accolades. Then on there was no looking back, so, academic laurels were achieved year after year. The strength of the students increased to a great extent in the 70s.

Age and ill-health caught up with both Fr. Morris and Mrs. Brown. So they left for England in 1976. Mrs. Brown breathed her last on board the ship and was given a sea burial. The mantle of the Principal fell on the able shoulders of Fr. Felix, SVD who with sincerity and minute attention to details, maintained an eminent place for the school in the State. The burgeoning student strength necessitated the construction of a second building in the year 1977-78 to accommodate Standards I   V. In the year 1981 Fr. Felix was called away by his Superior for parish work.
Fr. Joe Mannamparambil, SVD became the Principal. This period was marked by growth and consolidation. A building, exclusively for Standards XI & XII was put-up. The first batch of students for Std. XI was admitted in the year 1987 with both boys and girls. The demand for Pre-Primary education at St. Paul's School was so high that Fr. Joe had to start the same in 1994   1995. The building with the auditorium on the first floor and the Preparatory section on the ground floor was made ready in no time. The 18 years that Fr. Joe was at the helm, gave him the onorous task of guiding and leading the school into the 21st century. In the year 1999 he was given the Directorship of the Nuagaon Mission Hospital and Dr. Rev. K.C. Thomas, SVD had to shoulder the responsibility of St. Paul's School.


Dr. Rev. K.C.Thomas who has spent a good number of years in the States had a wide perspective regarding education. His rich experience helped him with farsightedness and a modern outlook. He emphasized the need for extra curricular activities along with academics, so as to help the development of personality and character building in the students. With this need in mind, he made the school atmosphere more homely. He has touched every aspect of the students  growth in the school.


The Library had been revamped and refurnished. A number of books covering a range of subjects had been added. In 2000-01, PAULINE MUSING, a colourful quarterly journal/magazine was started that gave an opportunity to the staff and the students to exhibit their creative writing talents. Eminent persons with vast experiences visited the school, to conduct development programmes for the staff and parents. Collages were made and displayed on huge cork/notice boards. In 2009, Fr. K. C. Thomas was transferred to the new venture of the Divine Word Educational Society   St. Arnold s School at Jhartarang.


About US
Fr. S. Joseph SVD came in June 2009 to take up the reigns of the school. He was at St. Lawrence School, Tentoloi, Angul before he came to Rourkela. In keeping with the Technology and modern day demands, he has introduced the EDUCOMP Smart Classes in all classrooms of the school. This will go a long way in imparting education to children with modern methods and teaching aids. Free tuition classes have been arranged in the evening at St. Paul's School Campus for poor students who cannot afford to get extra help for studies.

There is a dedicated band of teachers at St. Paul's School who help the students develop in all fields and activities. Their dedication and commitment to the school have taken the school to great heights today. No doubt, St. Paul's is now placed as one among the best in the Eastern region of India.

St. Paul's School is owned and administered by the Divine Word Educational Society, a religious minority institution under Article 30(I) of the Constitution of India. It is a Catholic school that admits students of all religions. The school exempts non-Catholic students from participating in the exercises particular to the Catholics. The right and duty of each non-catholic student to follow privately the dictates of his conscience in the religious beliefs is carefully respected.