Aim Of The School

St. Paul's School aims at all-round development - academic, physical, moral and cultural of the students in order to make them mature and responsible citizens who will be ready to take their rightful place in the society.

  Motto Of The School

The Latin words  UT OMNES UNUM SINT,   that they may be one  - a saying of Jesus are the words beneath the school emblem. These words of Jesus reveal His vision of humanity. Jesus wanted that all children of His Father (God) be one people of God, one community, and one family. This is the vision of the school as well. Though this is a Christian School, the majority of students belong to various religious traditions and tribes. All are considered and treated as equal, and allowed to develop and grow as children of the one Father, who is God of all. Hence, the school endeavours to build a community of love and fraternity in the school and in society.