Course of Studies and Co-curricula

The course of studies is based on the requirement of the Indian Certificate Examinations. Special attention will be paid throughout on the fundamental virtues of intellect as concentration, accuracy, clarity, thoroughness, and the essential moral qualities of reverence for God - responsibility, co-operation and generosity.

The medium of instruction is English, the international language of today. However, the national and regional languages have a vital role in the curriculum. The intellectual education of St. Paul s School will be liberal and universal, but at the same time it will be Indian and firmly rooted in the Indian history and tradition. Every stress, therefore, will be given in imparting fluency in the national and regional language.

The curriculum will therefore embrace English (language and literature), Oriya, Hindi, History-Civics, Geography, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Computer Education and later in the higher classes Biology, Physics and Chemistry. From Class VIII non-Oriya students will have the option to take either Oriya or Hindi as their second language. An additional subject of prime importance is Moral Science and character formation. In the I.S.C. - 12 level the school offers only the science stream with an option for Biology or Computer as the fifth subject.

The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities including a variety of indoor and outdoor games, cultural and quasi-academic activities. Every student is encouraged to participate in these activities to discover himself, to develop his talents and to blossom as a mature person.

The whole school (both staff and students) is divided into four houses: Mountbatten (Red), Manekshaw (Yellow), Cariappa (Blue) and Thimaya (Green). Various kinds of inter-house competitions are conducted through out the year and students are encouraged actively in these events.

Mountbatten :

Unity in Diversity.

Manekshaw :

I Endure and I Overcome.

Cariappa :

Work is Worship.

Thimaya :

Truth will prevail.

Students are encouraged to participate in the day to day running of the school through student representatives, which include School Head-Boy and Assistant Head-Boy, and Class Captains.