Examination & Assessment

Examination and Assessment

» The school prepares the students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (I.C.S.E.) and Indian School Certificate Examinations (I.S.C. - 12) both of which are internationally recognized for their excellence. High standard has been maintained in the I.C.S.E. and I.S.C. - 12, over the years. Its goal is  a student  who not only has a fine store of knowledge in the required subjects but also has developed the ability to reason clearly and accurately. The syllabus and control of Indian School Certificate Examinations are the same as the Senior Cambridge Examinations. I.C.S.E. is an examination conducted at the end of class X and I.S.C. - 12 at the end of class XII.

» 1. There are two main examinations in an academic year: Half-yearly and Final. One Unit Test each is conducted before Half-yearly and Final Exam. Unit Test will be a formal common test for all.
» 2. The Common Unit Tests are conducted using SAS (Smart Assessment System). Students will use remotes to answer questions with multiple choice answers given. The results are given immediately after the tests. The Half Yearly answer sheets are given to parents to take home but should return the same as per dates mentioned in the Calendar. Students of Classes 3 to 8 are to come to the school on a fixed date to look into their Annual Exam papers. Annual exam papers will not be given to anyone for taking home.
» 3. The parents are expected to sign the Half Yearly Answer sheets. In case if the parents do not get the answer sheets as per dates mentioned in the Calendar, they should get in touch with the concerned Class Teacher.
» 4. Class 1 & 2 do not have any exams but regular Assessments at school and home.
» 5. Students absenting themselves from any examination will not be re-examined.
» 6. Annual Promotion depends upon the performance of the students in the Half Yearly and the Final Examination as well as upon the assessment of Unit Tests, Projects and activities conducted throughout the year.
» 7. A Minimum of 80% attendance is a requirement for appearing in examinations and promotion to the next higher class.
» 8. Result declared at the end of the year is final in all cases and will not be reconsidered.
» 9. In all matters connected with the admission, dismissal, examination and promotion / detention of a student, the decision of the Principal is final and binding.
» 10. Use of Unfair Means in the Examination or Unit Test:- The school views the use of unfair means during examination or unit test very seriously. Unfair means can be any of the following: • a. A student having in his possession, while in the examination room, any book, memorandum or pocket book, notes or paper whatever, except the correct question paper. • b. Copying from the other students or giving opportunity to other students to copy from one s own answer paper or communicating dishonestly with other students in the examination room. • c. Giving or obtaining, or attempting to give or obtain, unfair assistance from other students.
» 11. A student detected of using unfair means would be barred from writing the examinations and will be given a  0  in all papers.


Tests & Exams 2023-24
1 UNIT TEST 1 + DA 1
2 UNIT TEST 1 + DA 1
3 UNIT TEST 1 + DA 1
4 UNIT TEST 1 + DA 1
11 DA 2
12 DA 2
13 DA 2
14 DA 2
15 DA 2
31 Half yearly exam begins
10 Half yearly  exam ends
2 Model exam for ICSE & ISC
8 UNIT TEST 2 & DA 3
9 UNIT TEST 2 & DA 3
10 UNIT TEST 2 & DA 3
11 UNIT TEST 2 & DA 3
12 UNIT TEST 2 & DA 3
4 DA - 4
6 DA - 4
7 DA - 4
8 DA - 4
2nd Annual exam begins
13th Annual exam ends